The Hindu : Lips unsealed — Sabrina Suhail’s bespoke lipstick 

Bengaluru-based makeup artist Sabrina Suhail realised that when she was applying makeup on someone, she was not really using one product per se, but a mix of several kinds to create that perfect look. “If I applied foundation, I would mix two shades to suit someone’s complexion; the same principles applied for lipsticks and eyeshadows,” she says. “I wondered if I could make a product that my clients want.That way, my client can have control over what she wants” So she created a bespoke line of lipsticks (liquid, liquid matte and matte), lip glosses and balms (with plans to make concealers, blushes and foundations). Read more at

Economic Times : Getting a customised lipstick by appointment is the new cool in Bengaluru

When Lisa Ray stepped into Bengaluru for an event a few months ago, the actress-turned-social activist quietly took time out to indulge in an experience extremely new to the IT city and India. Ray got a bespoke lipstick. Customised to her exact colour preference in pink with brown undertone and vanilla aroma, the artisanal lipstick was handcrafted live in front of her eyes. 

Live Mint : Lounge Loves: Lip service

Bengaluru-based make-up artist Sabrina Suhail,creates bespoke lipsticks for women who are still looking for that ‘soulmate shade’ or want to recreate a beloved colour. Read more at

LBB : Sabrina Suhail Customises Lipsticks And She's World's First To Do Bespoke Liquid Colour

Can't find the perfect lipstick colour? Or that Limited Edition one isn't being made anymore? Sabrina Suhail, the first in India to be customising lipsticks and the global first to customise matte liquid lip colour, will make you any shade. Read more at 

Indian Express : Makeup artiste Sabrina Suhail introduces bespoke lipsticks

When it comes to finding the right lipstick for your skin tone, mass produced cult favourites are not always the answer. We’re looking at you NARS Semi Matte Lipstick in Schiap and MAC in Ruby Woo! While these shades are definitely must-haves, as recommended by... Read more at